Please note:

Applicants are solely responsible for completing and/or including all required items on the paramedic applications.  Omissions, misstatements, or falsifications will affect the applicant being reviewed or considered.  Applicants are responsible for keeping the program informed of address changes and/or phone number changes.


Non-Discrimination Notice

The Scott County EMS Paramedic Program does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, age, religion, national origin, disability, marital status, veteran’s status, citizenship, sexual orientation or other protected classification in employment, admissions of its programs or activities.


Items that must be submitted with your application:

  1. Proof of one (1) year experience at a minimum of an EMT-Basic level or current proof of full-time employment as an EMT-Basic/AEMT (can be a letter from employer).
  2. Copy of your high school diploma or GED
  3. Copy of current state or National Registry EMT-Basic or Advanced EMT certification
  4. Copy of current American Heart Association Basic Life Support Provider card
  5. Copy of current health insurance
  6. Copy of driver’s license
  7. Signed Application Statement
  8. Signed Financial Agreement
  9. Proof of original date of certification at the level of an EMT (for admissions scoring)


Once the application has been submitted the applicant must sit for a proctored exam of the following entry assessments on a day established by the program:

  • Paramedic Course Entry Assessment (must score at least a 70% for admission)
  • Math Assessment
  • Reading Level Assessment
  • Student Motivation Assessment
  • Learning Style Assessment


Applicants passing the entry assessment will be subject to an in-person interview on a date/time selected by the program.


After acceptance into the paramedic program, the student must provide the following:

  1. Be able to comply with criminal background check requirements. Students cannot have any felony convictions or be on probation.
  2. List of current vaccinations to include Hepatitis B (or signed declination form), MMR, TDap and current TB test results (2-step mantoux test, or documented x-ray results indicating no signs of TB).

Obtain a current physical examination that states your health condition allows you to participate in the paramedic program.  Must be completed by a licensed physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner.



Please complete the application below.  Two forms must be signed and submitted with your application:  the Financial Agreement and the Application Statement.  Click on the links below to access each document in a fillable PDF format.



Name of school, dates attended, and if diploma was obtained.
Name of institution, dates attended, and if degree was obtained. If none, type NA.
Name of institution, dates attended, and if degree was obtained. If none, type NA.
Name of institution(s), dates attended, and if degree/diploma/certificate was obtained. If none, type NA.